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10 x 10 Gazebo Tent 

$50 / Day

Need protection from the elements? Grab a 10 x 10 Gazebo tent to keep the elements off your head. Comes with 2 x sand buckets to help keep things grounded. 

6 Foot Folding Table

$15 / Day

Need space to put things at your event? Here is a quick and easy solution that doesn't take a lot of space but will hold a lot of stuff.

Black Scrim can be added for an additional $10 / day

Basic Bubble Machine

$30 / Day

This bubble machine is great for putting out bubbles. Keep it topped up with bubble juice and watch the bubbles float. Comes with a 2L jug of bubble juice.

ADJ Bubbletron Go

$50 / Day

Great for ceremonies and events where you need more bubbles and more control over them. Comes with a 25 foot corded remote and jug of pro bubble juice. 

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